Vitamin D3 Sprays

Vitamin D for Gum and Tooth health

vitamin D can help fight bacterial infections that attack the gums which can lead to gingivitis and tooth loss.

It has been found that vitamin D can improve gum and teeth health because of its anti-inflammatory effects. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, they found that people with higher blood levels of vitamin D in their blood were experiencing less bleeding gums during gingival probing. Which would indicate that people with higher levels of vitamin D in there blood is  good for teeth and gums.

Calcium that is present in bones and teeth is constantly in a state of movement. The calcium gets reabsorbed into the bloodstream if levels are low, and it is put back into bones and teeth when levels are higher. When Vitamin D levels are low, any new calcium you are adding will make it to your bones and teeth … and since your muscles needs calcium for proper functioning, your body will continue to siphon off calcium from your teeth (and bones).

As we age, vitamin D becomes an even more critical nutrient not only for bone health, but for healthy teeth. Over an extended period of time, low levels of Vitamin D can lead to weak teeth and gum disease.

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