Vitamin D Deficiency Part 1

Vitamin D deficiency can cause very dangerous disorders.You need to make sure you are getting enough vitamin D from exposure to direct sunlight, vitamin D rich food and vitamin supplements.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms appear more as various disorders. These symptoms include:

Rickets – It is the most frequent vitamin D deficiency symptom in children. As a result of vitamin D deficiency, the bones are weakened, the bone tissue fail to mineralize leading to soft and deformed bones.

Osteoporosis – It is a similar symptom to ricket, but it is found as vitamin D deficiency symptom in adults. Because of the low vitamin D level in the body there is deficient calcification in bones, which become brittle and soft.

Depression and Fatigue – According to scientists, depression is the result of the lack of vitamin D. They argue that because of urbanization, the sunlight can’t adequately reach the skin, reducing thus the 25(OH) level in the body, causing depression. It has been also discovered that a great number of people suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the winter due to insufficient exposure to direct sunlight. The parathyroid hormone is the one causing the vitamin D deficiency symptom – depression.

Hyperparathyroidism – Results from hypocalcemia, which is a blood condition with unusually low vitamin D level, resulting in hyperparathyroidism.

Obesity – Vitamin D deficiency is frequently linked to obesity, as the insufficient level of vitamin D holds back the production of hormone leptin, which regulates the fat in the body. Inadequate exposure to sunlight disrupts the normal function of the body, determining the individual to eat more than it is necessary for the body.

The list of vitamin D deficiency symptoms also includes chronic backache, cancers, osteomalacia, chronic pain, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart diseases or hypertension.

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