Vitamin D deficiency causes muscular pain

The current medical studies have shown that one of causes of muscular pain (myalgia) is vitamin D deficiency. In those with myalgia, blood vitamin D levels were generally lower (28.6 v 34.2 ng/mL). After the myalgic patients with vitamin D deficiency were treated with vitamin D at a dose of 50,000 IU each week for 12 weeks the symptoms of myalgia were resolved in more than 92 per cent of the individuals treated.This gives hope to individuals who are taking statin drugs for reducing cholesterol levels because statins treatment often causes myalgic symptoms.

The important point is that statin drugs, which are commonly used for reducing cholesterol levels, are not free from side effects. For example, statins cause depletion of a specific nutrient in the body known as coenzyme Q10 (the main source of energy for the heart and powerful antioxidant). They can also induce muscle pain which, as studies suggest, can be eased by taking vitamin D3 supplements.
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