Vitamin B12 deficiency and How to recognize it

If you feel tired or weak, moody or depressed, your nervous system functioning and eye health are less-than-optimal you may suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency. There are some more symptoms such as: loss of appetite and unintended weight loss, bad memory, constipation and gas, nervousness, premature grey hair or digestive issues. If there is a deficiency maybe you won’t solve a problem by eating foods rich in B12. You may need supplements of vitamin B12 because your body may be unable to absorb this vitamin from food (even if you eat plenty of meat, eggs, kidneys, milk products or seafood you can still have low levels of B12). Intrinsic factor is a protein which helps vitamin B12 to be absorbed. If you have less-than-optimal gastrointestinal health, or you’re over 50 you may need supplements with B12. Vitamin B12 Sprays have a higher aborbsion rate when compared to pills.

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