Vitamin D3 Super health Sprays

Stay in Tip-Top Shape this Winter with Vitamin D3

Feeling a bit run down, rather stay in bed than getting up re-freshed ready to take on the day…?? You could be lacking Vitamin D this time of the year…. We recommended Vitamin D supplements to stop those cold aching joints and winter blues.

During the summer, the body can sunlight  into ample amounts of vitamin D with just 10-15 minutes exposure daily to the sun.
October until the end of March winter in the Northern Hemisphere, vitamin D synthesis is greatly decreased because of the seasonal angle of the sun’s rays. They’re too low to efficiently allow UVB radiation to penetrate the atmosphere and activate vitamin D synthesis.

While we can get the vitamin from fish oil and a few fortified foods, it’s difficult to take in adequate amounts of vitamin D by eating alone. We recommend taking vitamin D3 to supplement your diet during the winter months. Try a Vitamin D3 spray for maximum absorption rates. Feel great, energized and ready for the day.

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