Benefits of Vitamin and Mineral Sprays

Vitamin and Minerals sprays from Super Health Sprays a great way to get your 5 a day the easy way. Benefits of our new sprays.

Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Fulvic Minerals

Multi Minerals, Vitamin C+ Zinc, Technoni

  • Ingredients of all our health sprays are of the highest pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minerals and herbs
  • The patented spray delivery system ensures spray consistency and dosage levels. Dosage of 55 micro litres per spray mist
  • Other sprays are not emulsifying sprays – they are simple liquid squirters
  • Our sprays are specially formulated to be transported across the oral membrane and directly into the blood stream
  • Closed metal tubes protect ingredients from oxidation from both air and light so preventing degradation of supplements
  • Each tube contains at least a one month supply and ┬áis good for 3 years
  • Our tubes are not pressurised
  • All supplements have a great natural flavour



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