Are All Fruits Good for you

Fruits and vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals to keep the body healthy, and the recommendation is to eat five portions a day. But non organic fruits can containĀ  toxins from being exposed to chemicals, such as pesticides. While it is unlikely that eating fruits a will do you any harm, there is a small possibility that the toxins contained could affect your immune and nervous systems.


In the leaves and seeds of peaches, cyanogenic glycosides can be found. Consuming large quantities of these could eventually lead to cyanide poisoning, as the chemical turns to cyanide during digestion. Huge amounts of this chemical would have to be consumed, however, before symptoms such as headaches and muscle weakness become apparent.


Like peaches, cyanogenic glycosides are contained in the seeds of apples. While eating a few apples will not cause you any trouble, heavy apple consumption can eventually lead to nausea, muscle weakness and throat tightening, according to the Environmental Working Group.


Strawberries contain 13 different pesticides, which can lead to an increased risk of cancer, as well as harm to the nervous system and problems with hormone production. Washing the fruit removes some of the toxins, but not all of them, so the safest option is to purchase organic strawberries, which have never be exposed to pesticides.


Cyanoeginic glycosides, which children are most susceptible to, are also found in cherries. Poisoning can occur in just minutes following the consumption of cherry seeds. If you endure symptoms after consuming this toxin, such as nausea and throat tightening, it would suggest that poisoning has occurred.


Grapes, particularly those imported from Chile, contain many cancer-causing agents. Endocrine-disrupting fungicides, which are contained in Chilean-imported grapes, have been linked to issues such as low sperm count and testicular cancer, so it is best to stick with domestically grown grapes.

Where possible always buy organic forms of the above.

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