10 Foods to Boost Your Energy Levels

To function properly, we all need energy. Our fuel comes from the food we eat, but not all foods are energy rich sources of energy.

Energy balance is very important for your health, your emotional state and your life activities and work. Fatigue, lethargy and depression occur due to deficient energy in the body and low blood sugar levels. Excess energy intake, on the other hand will cause overweight and it’s associated problems.

Here are some high energy foods and drinks which if you introduce into your daily diet will supply your body with additional energy that it needs to get through the day and also help you live a healthy and productive life.

  1. Vegetables – Green Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals including vitamin B, magnesium and iron. E.g. Sprouts, Broccoli, Asparagus, and Spinach. Other vegetables also give you an energy boost. Carrots, potatoes and other vegetables are full of vitamins and nutrients and they can raise your blood sugar because they are digested and quickly absorbed in the bloodstream. These energy-giving foods are good for you and contain such vitamins as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid and potassium.
  2. Eggs – Eggs are a great source of energy, and supply a high amount of protein. Protein is vital in almost every bodily function, and most people experience better energy levels when consuming a good source of protein at every meal. Eggs are considered a complete protein.
  3. Cereals – Cereals such as Shredded Wheat, Corn Flakes or oatmeal are great foods that can give you a lift. These cereals tend to be digested slowly so they give an extended release, and help to keep your blood sugar level stable. Adding fresh fruit to the mix will also provide a steady release of glucose, keeping your body fueled and your brain alert throughout the day. Oats are the best head start you can give your body every day! Oats are low on the glycemic index as they contain a lot of fiber, which means that your body gets a steady stream of energy. They also contain energizing and stress-reducing B vitamins that help to break down carbohydrates into usable energy.
  4. Fruits – Fruits are a food group that guarantees an energy intake due to the fructose level and the vitamins they all carry, particularly Vitamin C. The most energizing fruit are grapes, peaches and citrus fruit due to their high fructose content, as well as bananas, watermelon, oranges, mangoes, dates, pineapple, cranberries and papaya.
  5. Seeds – Most of the seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin are very rich in proteins and minerals and their presence in a person’s nutrition is an important source of energy. They are also a source of magnesium and iron. The polyunsaturated fats they contain are benefit for the cardiovascular system and help the blood flow to the heart and brain.
  6. Nuts – All nuts from peanuts to pistachio are an excellent source of minerals with a high nutrition factor. They contain vitamins A, B and E, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. They fight against anemia and bring the body durable energy.
  7. Fruit smoothies and shakes – The smart combination of fruit juice and milk is always a source of energy. The combination of vitamins and calcium increases the body’s energetic potential and it is also a very refreshing helping hand when you get extra tired while working.
  8. Green tea – Green Tea is a source of antioxidants and an important resource of energy for the entire body.
  9. Honey – a fantastic source of energy
  10. Beans and lentils– These are a great source of potassium and carbohydrates. Lentils are a great source of both carbohydrate and protein. They are also high in B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium and copper. Lentils are also low in fat and calories.

And finally one that you may not have expected to see here:

Green Parsley – Parsley leaves have lots of vitamin C and boosts cell regeneration helping the body get more energy.

10 Foods to boost tour energy levels


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